How to play iTunes movies and musis on Motorola One?

How to play iTunes movies and musis on Motorola One?

Read this guide to learn how to transfer iTunes music and music to Motorola One for playing under the help or iTunes to Motorola One Converter.

The Motorola One is so named for the Android One software build running the show. The Motorola One is a more affordable alternative to the iPhone XR. It's just over a third the price, but core parts of the design and visual impact of the phones are similar. The Motorola One has a 5.9-inch screen. As it's a very long panel, maxing out that diagonal stat, this display is not huge. Its resolution of 1520 * 720 is the elongated version of 720p. There's 64GB storage, enough to make the microSD slot redundant for most of us, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB-C charge socket.

Motorola One iTunes-Get iTunes movies and music on Motorola One

How to transfer iTunes movies and music to Motorola One?

If you don't want to rely on a third-party app to use iTunes with your Motorola One, then you can manually transfer the files to your Motorola One. This method is simple and efficient, but, as above, is limited by the available storage on your device or its mircoSD card.

Connect your Motorola One to your PC with a USB cable. Open Windows Explorer, and locate the iTunes folder on your computer.

Drag and drop it into your Motorola One's music or movie folder to copy the files onto your Motorola One. The movies and music will be visible in your chosen player app once the transfer is complete.

Why Motorola One can't read the iTunes media files?

You may have purchased a lot of M4V movies/TV shows/videos from iTunes store in the past. Now you get a new Motorola One and when you want to sync and play iTunes videos on Motorola One, you are only told that Motorola One cannot play them because of the Apple DRM protections.

From Motorola official website, we know Motorola One onluy supports MP3/AAC+/WAV/Flac audio and H.264 MP4 formats playback. So you can't play the iTunes M4V mvoies and M4A music on Motorola One at all. How to solve this problem? You need to do two things. Remove DRM protection from iTunes media and convert iTunes movies and msuic to Motorola One supported format via third part software. Here, M4VGO for Winows/ Mac can do the jobs easily. With the best DRM removal tools, you can remove DRM legally and effectively, and convert iTunes Movies, TV Show, Podcast, Music Videos, Songs and Spotify music to MP4, MP3, MOV, AAC or other widely-used formats for enjoying them freely on any of your devices. You'll get iTunes on Android freely.

Free download iTunes to Motorola One Converter

Free Download M4VGO for WindowsFree Download M4VGO for Mac

You can get this DRM removal software via 25% Coupon Code now.

How to convert iTunes movies and music for playing on Motorola One?

Tip: For rip and convert Blu-ray/DVD movies for Motorola One, Acrok Video Converter Ultimate will give you a hand.


Import iTunes media files

After you download and install M4VGO, launch the iTunes to Motorola One Converter and click the "Add files" button at the top to load the video and music files you want to transfer to Motorola One. Batch conversion is supported, so you can add as many videos as possible.

Motorola One iTunes Solution


Select Motorola One supported formats

Video preset for Motorola One is provided. Simply click "Format" > "Android" and select "Motorola HD Video "*.mp4"" as the output video format to get videos with optimized settings. Also select a folder to save the converted video files.

iTunes to Motorola One Converter - Convert iTunes M4V movies to MP4 for playing on Motorola One

Tip: You can click "Settings" button to set the output video resolution as"1520 * 720". For playing iTunes movies on Motorola One without blackbar, please click "Edit' icon to crop the videos as you needs.

For converting iTunes music for playing on Motorola One, please choose "Common Audio" > "MP3-MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3)" as output format.

Convert iTunes M4A music to MP3 for Motorola One playback


Start video/music conversion

When all is OK, click the "Convert" button to convert iTunes files to Motorola One supported format. When the conversion finishes, you can click "Open" button to locate the DRM-free MP4 video files and MP3 music. And then you can simply transfer the converted iTunes media files to your Motorola One for more enjoyment.

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