Transfer iTunes Music and Movies to Galaxy Note 10

Best iTunes to Galaxy Note 10 Transfer

This guide will show you how to transfer downloaded iTunes movies and music to your Galaxy Note 10 for playing freely. If you just switched from the iPhone after seeing all the cool things the Galaxy Note 10 can do, you'll have a lot of questions. Here's how to quickly transfer iTunes instead of leaving your movies and music collection behind.

Galaxy Note 10 iTunes | Get iTunes movies and music on Galaxy Note 10

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 has a lot to offer. You get all-day battery life and a headphone jack, two things Music fans love. Apple ditched headphone jacks, and people aren't happy about it. Which is why some iPhone users are making the switch from iPhone to Android. Thankfully there are multiple different ways to get all of your iTunes music and movies. You can move it directly from your old iPhone to the Galaxy Note 10 or copy it from a computer. Below, we'll explain them all in detail so you can keep on enjoying your tunes.

3 ways to transfer iTunes music and movies to Galaxy Note 10

Way 1: Transfer iTunes media to Galaxy Note 10 with the Drag & Drop Method
Way 2: Transfer iTunes movies/music to Galaxy Note 10 with SmartSwitch
Way 3: Transfer iTunes media to Galaxy Note 10 with MobileTrans

Note: However, iTunes movie Purchases or Rentals, TV episodes and music videos got from iTunes Store are M4V video format with Apple DRM protection, which can be only played on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Obviously, Galaxy Note 10 can not play iTunes media directly. So how to play iTunes movies on Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy Note 10+ easily?

The most effective method of playing iTunes movies on Galaxy Note 10 is removing DRM from iTunes M4V videos at first. The recommended tool is iTunes to Galaxy Note 10 Converter - M4VGO (Windows | Mac), best DRM removal software as well. It can convert DRM protected iTunes videos to standard MP4, WMV, AVI and other Galaxy Note 10 best supported video and audio formats.

Free download iTunes to Galaxy Note 10 Converter

Free download M4VGO for WindowsFree download M4VGO for Mac

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1. Add downloaded iTunes movies or music into this DRM removal software.

iTunes to Galaxy Note 10 Converter-convert iTunes movies and music to Galaxy Note 10

2. Choose Galaxy Note 10 supported video and audio format. Video Format - MP4; Audio Format - MP3

Convert iTunes M4V movies to MP4 for playing on Galaxy Note 10

Convert iTunes music to Galaxy Note 10 supported format

3. Click Convert button to start iTunes media conversion on you PC.

Note: Even the iTunes movies can transfered to your Galaxy Note 10, you still can't play them on your device. You have to remove DRM protection and convert iTunes movies or TV Shows to Galaxy Note 10 supported format.

Way 1: Transfer iTunes media to Galaxy Note 10 with the Drag & Drop Method

Personally, the drag and drop method is the easiest way to do things. Not to mention you can control what does or doesn't transfer to your new phone. This is basically connecting your phone to the computer, then manually dragging and dropping music on the Note 10.

Plug your phone into the computer with the included cable, or a microSD card, then drag all songs, albums, or collections to a new folder. You can name it Music, or iTunes Music. This movies everything at once and is extremely simple. Then, you'll have all your music on the Note, or on an SD card you can throw in and take with you next time you upgrade. Here's where to find your music on a computer.

Using the included USB to USB Type-C cable connect your phone and get started.

iTunes Music Locations

- Windows XP – C:\Documents and Settings\ (username)\ My Documents \My Music \iTunes
- Windows 7, 8, 10 or Windows Vista – C:\ (username) \My Music \iTunes
- Mac OS X/High Sierra, etc – /users /username/ Music/ iTunes

Once you find your iTunes music folder you'll want to open that and have it handy on the desktop. Now simply connect the Galaxy Note 10 via USB to your computer, or insert an SD card. You may need to pull down the notification bar on your phone and select USB options to turn on Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). This lets the phone and PC talk to each other.

If you have a Mac you won't see your phone until you download the  iTunes to Galaxy Note 10 Transfer program. Install that, then you'll see something like our image below. Locate or create a music folder and get started.

Now, just click on the iTunes Music folder you left on your desktop or from our first set of instructions and drag it to the "Music" folder or any folder inside the Samsung Android File Transfer window above. Basically, you're dragging all of iTunes right to the Galaxy Note 10.

Way 2: Transfer iTunes movies/music to Galaxy Note 10 with SmartSwitch

How to get iTunes media on my new Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+? How to transfer downloaded iTunes Music and Movies to the Galaxy Note 10? We'll go over a few different ways to transfer everything, starting with the easiest method first. A simple copy and paste method using an app. Samsung has an easy to use tool that does all the work for you. In fact, Samsung's "SmartSwitch" app will transfer your entire phone, apps, text messages, call logs, settings and all of your music. It's an all-in-one solution. We'll start with that first.


SmartSwitch is an app that's pre-installed on every Samsung phone. Now, you need to install it on a PC or Mac. You can Download Samsung SmartSwitch  on your computer or use a USB cable to transfer everything from phone to phone. Either way works great.

The download link: https://www.samsung.com/us/smart-switch/

Connect an iPhone Lightning cable to the iPhone and the USB end to the Samsung dongle provided in the box with the Galaxy Note 10. That little dongle (pictured below) is what makes this work. Then find and launch the SmartSwitch app.

Follow the on-screen prompts, and it will transfer your entire iPhone and iTunes library in around 30 minutes. Give or take a few minutes depending on how much music you have. Plus, with 128GB of storage on the Note 10, you'll have plenty of space leftover. If not, add a microSD card and throw 400GB inside.

Alternatively, download SmartSwitch for your computer and use it to drag and drop music from your PC (iTunes file) to the Galaxy Note 10 internal storage. If that sounds confusing to you, our next step is similar but uses an all-in-one tool to transfer and find your music for you.

Way 3: Transfer iTunes media to Galaxy Note 10 with MobileTrans

Next, you can use one of several tools to transfer iTunes for you. Those who'd rather not dig through files and folders can use  iTunes to Galaxy Note 10 Transfer. This is a free tool you can download on Windows or Mac, that lets you easily transfer your stuff. It's a pretty handy and powerful tool, but we're focusing on music and iTunes specifically.

Get MobileTrans here:

Free Download MobileTrans for WindowsFree Download MobileTrans for Mac

Get MobileTrans for WindowsGet MobileTrans for Mac

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Once you install the easy transfer tool to your PC or Mac it does almost everything for you. Whether that's opening iTunes automatically, finding music, and giving you one simple "Start Transfer" button to press. It's dead simple to use. Connect your Galaxy Note 10 to the computer and follow the on-screen instructions. You can choose: "Restore From Backups".

iTunes music to Galaxy Note 10 Transfer

Click on "Restore From Backups", then choose "iTunes" then select files tha you want to sync to Galaxy Note 10. It works for music, movies, and other file types. Choose what you want to transfer, and you're all set.

Transfer iTunes music to Galaxy Note 10

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