How to track my husband's Android phone/iPhone for free

Simple ways to track your husband's phone without him knowing

Best way to track your husband's phone without him knowing

Question: My husband is a company executive, I gave up my job in order to take care of my family and children. A few years ago, our life was quite peaceful, but in recent months, he seems to be a different person. He doesn't want to talk to me about anything, sometimes he used entertainment as an excuse to go home very late. Later, I learned from his colleagues that he was very close to one of his heterosexual colleagues. I suspect that he cheated. What should I do? One of my friends suggested that I track my husband's phone. Is this feasible?

Answer: Nowadays many apps developed by different companies have the function of monitoring other people's smartphones, these applications let you track and check your husband's cell phone remotely. Some countries don't allow anyone to use smartphone spyware, you can decide whether you want to do so according to local laws.

Get best Spy App to track your husband's phone


Part 1: Should I track my husband's phone?

Part 2: Top 6 apps to track your husband's phone without touching it

----- 1. Spynger

----- 2. Eyezy

----- 3. mSpy

----- 4. Spyera

----- 5. Hoverwatch

----- 6. Scannero

Part 3: Is there a free way to spy on my husband's phone?

Part 4: Conclusion

How to track my husband's phone without him knowing? Can I spy on my husband's phone without touching it? The search volume of these problems remains high in Google. If you have similar problems, the following content will be helpful.

Part 1: Should I track my husband's phone?

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Tracking your husband's cell phone remotely

Not long ago, according to the number of people who got married and divorced last year, an American consulting organization surveyed more than 100 countries around the world. It concluded that the divorce rate in developed countries was much higher than that in developing countries. Although some countries have introduced cumbersome divorce procedures to prevent them from divorcing at will, it seems that it doesn't work. Marital breakdown is mainly caused by the extramarital affair, and it is also a manifestation of emotional breakdown. If your husband is indifferent to you recently, always sneaking around and making phone calls, or often staying out at night, then you have to be careful. Your husband may be about to cheat, or have cheated. In order to protect your marriage and family, you must take action. First of all, you have to determine whether your husband is really cheating.

Easiest Ways to Track My Husband's Phone Without Him Knowing

Everyone has his own business, it means you can't stare at your husband all the time. Even then, you may not be able to obtain valuable evidence. Do you want to hire a private investigator? This is not realistic either, because the expense is beyond the average person's ability, and the investigation process is long, if you are not rich, it is likely to drag down you. In fact, you don't have to go to great trouble, your husband's smartphones is the best starting point. After all, a smartphone is something that accompanies your husband all the time, and there is any evidence you want in it, it will include videos, pictures, chat records, call records, etc. How to track and check my husband's cell phone remotely? What is the best way to track my husband's phone? All you have to do is choose a safe and powerful mobile spy app to monitor your partner's smartphone. I will introduce five smartphone spy apps to you, they are highly rated by users. You can choose the one that suits you according to your needs.

Top 6 apps to track your husband's phone without touching it

How to track my husband's Android phone? Can I track myhusband's iPhone without installing software? It’s no secret that relationships are built on trust, but sometimes that is not enough. Occasionally, you may need to resort to other methods like looking into and tracking your husban's phone to make sure your husband is completely honest and faithful. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can track your husband’s phone. However, the most reliable way is through a phone monitoring app. The best phone tracking app should be able to track your husband's iPhone or Android smartphones easily.

When you try to look for a phone tracking app online, you will find countless results. However, there are not many of these apps that actually work. Most of them will just take you through a false pretence of human verification or surveys, and after wasting a lot of time you will find that your work is still not done.

This is why you should stick with the app that I am going to suggest below. These are 100% working solutions and the most widely used ones as well.

#1 Spynger - Best cheating app: Get the evidence you need

Spy on my husband phone with Spynger

Here’s one thing we all know about life: anything could happen. One day, your spouse’s phone could disappear in the blink of an eye, lost in the grip of a petty thief. Or maybe your previously loving spouse has turned cold, finding solace in the arms of another woman.

If you’re reading this, you probably have a lot of questions running through your mind. How to track my husband's phone without him knowing? Can I track my husband's Android phone from my iPhone? How to see my husband's phone calls and texts?


- Track your husband without being detected
- Read his social media chats including dating app
- Monitor every keystroke on his phone including passwords
- See where he was been and where they're going
- See what he search for
- Find out who and when he call
- See the pics he share and receive

Price: Monthly - $45.49/mo*; Quarterly - $26/mo*; Annual - $10.83/mo*

How to track my husband's phone with Spynger?

1. Sign up for free
We’ll set you up with your own Spynger account and you’ll be ready to monitor their activity in no time.

2. Pick your plan
Everyone’s needs are different, so we’ve got multiple plans that work for you and the devices you use.

3. Get your answers
Log in to your Control Panel and view their activity. Easy as that.


We’ll be there 24/7: Whenever you need help, just let us know. We have your back
Fair price: The longer your subscription is, the more you’ll save
Easy set up: Choose the installation method that suits you most
Dozens of features: You get the whole set of tools in any plan you choose
Invisible mode: They’ll never find out you are monitoring them
Security above all else: We use end-to-end encryption. Only you can access all the data

#2 Eyezy - Best for Simple Remote Smartphone Monitoring.

Spy on my husband phone with Eyeze

How to track my husband's phone secretly? Eyezy is a cross-compatible phone spying app that is easy to install and use. Let you track your husband's phone easily. It can be set up and installed within 5 minutes and works in complete stealth mode, thus not allowing the phone user to be aware of its presence on the device. The softwre can be used to monitor almost everything happening on the target smartphone (Whether it's an old phone or a new phone, no matter what brand) in real-time via a comprehensive dashboard.

You can check call logs, track sent and received SMSs, and monitor online browser history without a hassle. The app also allows you to track a person's real-time location either via SIM card or through GPS technology.


Geofence Alerts
Call Tracker
Social Media Spy
Track Browser History
Stealth Mode

Verdict: Eyezy's simple installation and easy-to-navigate spying dashboard have earned it high praise from several users worldwide. No smartphone activity can remain hidden with this app installed and running discreetly in the background. The app works fine on both iOS and Android phones, without the need to jailbreak or root any devices.

Price: $9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for 3 months, $47.99 for 1 month.

How to track my husband's phone with Eyezy?

1. We’ve got plans for every need. Just create your account and choose the plan that’s right for spying your husband.

2. Our Friendly Installer will show you everything you need to do to get started. We made it easy for you. And in case you need some help, our 24/7 support is always there for you!

3. Log in to your eyeZy Dashboard and discover the truth about those you care about the most. Dispel any doubts in your family relationships and make wise data driven decisions.

#3 mSpy - Best for monitoring chats, photos, videos, and location of your husband's smartphones.

Spy on my husband phone with mSpy

If you want to remotely track important information in your husband's phone, or want to know where your husband is going, there are many ways you can do it. There are many spy tools that can hack the husband's cell phone without giving him any prompts. Monitoring your husband's iPhone or Android device will tell you a lot about his daily activities.

mSpy is the only app that grants full access to your husband's Instagram and Facebook accounts. Users can enter their Facebook and Instagram, click on any button there, which means managing accounts, adjusting settings, adding friends, or deleting followers.

mSpy is the only app that works perfectly well on both iOS and Android. It means you can install it without any hurdles on the way and monitor it with no bugs occurred. mSpy doesn't require you to jailbreak iOS devices, unlike many other competitors. You just provide iCloud iD and password and start monitoring as soon as the backup is performed.

The app provides absolutely innovative features, like online status indicator (track when the user is online), real-time reporting for Androids, Youtube monitoring, app activity tracking, etc.

All in all, mSpy offers the most value for its price, being among the most affordable spy apps on the market today.

Best Features:

Different plans to choose from
Undetectable & easy to use.
Helps to protect kids from cyberbullying
No need to root or jailbreak


1 Month: $48.99/month,
3 Months: $27.99/month,
12 Months: $11.66/month.
Demo available.

How to track my husband's phone with mSpy?

1. It’s as easy as entering your email. We’ll set you up with your own mSpy account, so you’ll be ready to monitor your husband's activity in no time.

2. Everyone’s needs are different, so we’ve got multiple plans that work for you, your family, and the devices you use.

3. Put your feet up. Once you’ve paid for your subscription, you can log in to your Control Panel and view their activity.

#4 Spyera - Best for PC and Phone Spying.

Track husband's phone by Spyera

Spyera is an award-winning app that enables spying for both PCs and smartphones. It offers remarkable spying features that perform impeccably well. The features that it is best known for include monitoring cell phone and computer activity of employees or children, location tracking, and much more.

It offers a plethora of features that can come in handy to both monitor and control the activity of your target. The tool is undetectable and can be used across multiple platforms irrespective of the operating system.


Great offers on spy gear
Free shipping for orders over $99
100% money-back guarantee

Verdict: The app is incredibly smart and performs all of its spying features impeccably well. It is very confident in its abilities, so much so that it offers the users a 10-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the tool. This alone makes the app worth a look.


Smartphone: $89/month
Tablet: $69/month
Computer: $49/month
All-In-One: $479/month

#5 Hoverwatch - Best for Parental Controls and Remote Surveillance.

Track husband's phone by Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch earns a coveted spot on this list because of how easy it is to use and how discreet it is in serving its purpose. In just 3 simple steps, you can have the app downloaded and functioning on your target Android device. The invisibility feature allows it to stay hidden from a device's user while working in the background.

Hoverwatch will give you the ability to record every single incoming and outgoing call. You can also monitor all sent and received SMS as well as MMSs via the app.

It is also very impressive when it comes to tracking a phone's location, thanks to its superior geo-location feature. In fact, you can track a target device even if the user removes and replaces his or her SIM card.


Record and Track Messages and Calls
Track Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Viber
Geo-Location Tracking
Front Camera Photo Tracker
Track Complete Internet History

Verdict: With Hoverwatch, you get more than 40 features that allow you to keep tabs on the device you wish to spy on. From tracking locations in real-time to tracking complete online activity, the app acts as a window into any Android device.

Plus, there is absolutely no way for a user to know that they are being spied upon with Hoverwatch as it stays hidden while operating in the background.

Price: Hoverwatch offers the solution with three pricing plans, Personal (Starts at $24.95 per month), Professional (Starts at $9.99 per month per device), and Business (Starts at $6.00 per month per device). You can sign up for free.

#6 Scannero - Best Mobile Spy App for Tracking Physical Location

Track husband's location by Localize

Where is my husband? How to find my husband's phone location? How to locate my husband's phone without him knowing? With Localize, you can track your husband's phone location by his number. Scannero let's you get a husband phone's geolocation and works on all phone types, networks, and countries.

Best Features:

No installation necessary
Supports ALL networks
Works on any phone model
Low monthly cost

Scannero's mission is to help people access public record information that allows them to track virtually anyone at any time. It's super easy to use, all you need is the target device number, and you're set! Plus, it's totally anonymous and supports all networks.

Price: Trial - $0.89; 1 month - $49.8

How Localize works?

1. Enter your husband's phone number and the text of the message.

2. Scannero sends a text message containing the tracking link straight to your husband's iOS and Android smartphone.

3. They tap the link, and you find out where they are.

What We Like About Localize

If you're constantly concerned about where your husband's is at and what they're doing, you'll want to give a phone spy service like Scannero a try. This service allows wemen to track their husband's location very quickly.

What We Don't Like About Localize

While Scannero is perfect for keeping track of where someone is at all times, it doesn't collect much other information.

Part 3: Is there a free way to spy on my husband's phone?

I suggest you give up the idea, that free app manufacturers' way of life is to obtain personal information of app users to obtain illegal benefits, and 95% of free software is dangerous. You will not be able to close the annoying malicious advertisement window, what's more, once you run these apps, your smartphone will be abnormal, and your smartphone may shut down automatically. So you'd better choose paid software, so as to obtain high quality pre-sales and after-sales service, it will save time for you.


The suggested smartphone spy apps are powerful, in addition to using mobile spy app to monitor your husband's every move, such as phone records, messages sent and received, chat records of social chat app and so on, you can also check his consumption records to find clues. For example, you will know what he bought, which hotel he stayed in, and which restaurant he ate in. Comparatively speaking, the latter needs more energy and time if you do the work by yourself, and you may not be able to find valuable information. You are not a policeman, and the staff in these public places will not disclose any privacy of customers to you, the result is that you will come back in vain. Obviously, using spy app to track your husband's smartphone is the most convenient method, spy on smartphone is effective and safe. As long as you can use smartphones, whenever and wherever you log in to the monitoring account with your own smartphone, you will be able to collect all the information about your husband, it's very easy to use this mobile spy app.

As we all know, marriage is the choice of two people, so if you choose to live together, you must take responsibility for your choice. If you can't take this responsibility or have no sense of responsibility, you'd better stay alone and don't hurt others. After marriage, managing marriage is an art, which requires a lot of tolerance and understanding, mutual cherishing and communication. Marriage needs to be paid for free without any return, so we should have such psychological preparation.


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The service is amazing for the parents, allows me to monitor my kid's Whatsapp and Facebook, and other stuff. Highly recommended for the traveling and single parents as I need to travel frequently, leaving my two sons under 14 at home. A gem for sure! Give it a try.
- Wallender, Ted

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