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Welcome to Acrok software support center! Customers' satisfaction is the best gift for us. We will try our best to provide you with the best video and audio conversion software and services. We promise to our customers that we will deal with emails within 24 hours after receiving them. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can easily get your registration code back, search or browse our frequently asked questions, and view tutorials about products. If you do not get a satisfying solution, please contact our support team for help.


1. How long will I receive my keycode after the purchase?
Once your order has been validated, our system will automatically send the registration info to your e-mail instantly. If you did not receive it on time, perhaps it has been tagged as a spam or it's because of the delay of Internet of system glitches.

2. Retrieve the key code if you're encountering one of the following problems:
*** You already purchased the program, but didn't receive the key code.
*** The key code becomes invalid after you purchased the software.
*** The key code of the product you purchased is lost.

3. The way to register:
For Windows version: Click the drop down menu on the top right corner and choose "Register", enter your license code to register it.

For Mac version: Click the “Help” menu on the top of your Mac desktop and choose “Register”, enter your license code to register it.

If you get problems with Acrok products, please contact support@acrok.com, we will try our best to help you.

Refund Policy

Acrok provides free trial versions for you by "try-before-purchase" principle. By using the trial version, you can make sure that the programs are compatible with your computer system and you are satisfied with them before purchasing the retail versions.

We value your questions and suggestions. But once the registration information was issued, they can not be canceled any more.

Accepted Cases:
The products have fatal technique problems and we can not fix it in an acceptable period of time or provide a temporary solution. Duplicate orders, which was caused by the third party platform. We will refund the purchase price of the product after the further cooperation from you about the problem and the request is approved.

Unaccepted Cases:
* You changed your mind after purchasing the product. The product could not work well by your improper operations.
* You claimed that you purchased the "Wrong" product and had already purchased product from other companies.
* When you request a refund, you never provided any detailed information to assist our support team to locate the problem.
* You did not receive the registration information but did not contact our support team and provided your information like order number and registered email.
* You stated that you had uninstalled the products with no future use.
* You claimed the features and functions of the products but we never advertised on our website.

Users Reviews

Now I can take my camcorder video directly from its native format to MOV in seconds. Thanks, Acrok.
- Tomson

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