Can I monitor my child's phone without them knowing

Best Parental Spy App to Keep an Eye on Child's Phone

Monitor my child's phone without them knowing

The birth of a new life is the best gift for children’s mother and father. As parents, we spend a lot of time and energy on the growth of our kids. Do you believe the sentence that “If you pour companionship, patience and love into your child, the child will naturally give you a bright self like a star”? With the growth of kids’ age, children become alienated from their parents gradually, and they often shut themselves in their rooms alone. On weekends, children usually always hold their mobile smartphones, and even when they go out, they are unwilling to tell their parents where they are going, they even don’t communicate with their parents for several days, which make their parents very upset.

From 2015 to 2021, the number of crimes committed by minors has picked up after several years of continuous decline and stabilized, and the number of crimes committed against minors is on the rise. The situation of crimes against minors is not optimistic. Among the crimes sexual assault, violence against minors, adults wooing and forcing minors to participate in crimes are prominent. Network can bring convenience to our life, but it can also give criminals opportunities. To better protect their children, parents really racked their brains. But, we can’t keep an eye on children’s every move all the time, because we need to work, and we have our own social activities. Should we hire private detectives to look after our children? This is not realistic, because the expense can’t be borne by normal families.

Children aged from 10 to 18 are easily interfered by external factors, which will affect their growth. There are a lot of smart parents search such questions in Google:

How to see what my daughter is doing online free?
How to track my son’s phone without them knowing for free?
Is there an app to see my child’s text messages?

Yes, starting with kids’ smartphones is the easiest and most effective way. Nowadays the smartphone is definitely a mentor for children. Even when sleeping, children’s smartphones will not be more than one meter away from them. Without proper supervision, a smartphone or tablet can allow your children to connect with strangers, learn obscene behaviors, and engage in other horrendous acts.

How to check children’s smartphones without letting them know? Our iPhone spy app or Android spy app is just what you need, as long as you install our spy app on your kid’s smartphone, you can check your child’s every move anytime, anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or computer. You are able to know who they call, who they talk to all day in the chat app, where they went, which websites they visited, and so on. It’s not hard to spy on Android or track on iPhone with our spy app, it’s the best parent control for iPhone and Android.

To prove the importance of our iPhone spy app and Android spy app, we did a test. Three families took part in our test, these three families have one thing in common: they all have one child and the child is a girl. After communicating with parents and getting their consent, we installed our spy app on these girls’ smartphones. In the test we will get in touch with children through chat app, we will chat with children for one to three days, cajole them with sweet words, let the children relax their vigilance, and finally ask children to meet at a place not far from home for various reasons. The final result is that all three children get on our car.

In this test, parents can use the spy app to monitor child, they can monitor their children’s chat records through an account, the parents can know who children talked with and what they talked about on their smartphones, everything is clear. We have arranged for the parents of the children to be in the car before we meet the children, when the child got on the bus and turned her head, she was surprised to see her parents sitting in the back seat.

Before the test, all three groups of parents thought that their kids would not be tricked into strangers’ car, the result surprised them. At the same time, they are so glad that this is just a test. If their children get into the criminal’s car without their knowledge, the consequences will be unimaginable. In the test the importance of our spy app is also reflected, parent control for iPhone or Android is necessary. With our iPhone spy app or Android spy app many dangers can be avoided, now please allow me to introduce our iPhone and Android spy app to monitor child.

This spy app is the best parental control app for iPhone and Android in 2022. Our spy app is compatible with Android and iOS systems, which means that no matter what smartphone your child uses, you can easily install this iPhone spy app or Android spy app on your child’s smartphone, supported smartphones include the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max which runs iOS 15, and the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 which runs Android 12.

When you install the spy app on smartphone, you can choose the hiding mode, and no new icons will appear in the smartphone, so the children will not notice the app. As long as you complete the registration and installation, you can log in to your account through your smartphone or computer, and then you can spy on Android or track on iPhone, you can check everything you want to know. These records or contents will be presented on the control panel according to categories, you can easily monitor your child’s every move.

Features of the mobile spying app:

Monitors text messages (including WhatsApp, Gtalk, iMessage, Skype, Viber & Facebook)
GPS location tracking
Spy on calls (even checks the deleted information)
Remotely block the phone
View multimedia files of the phone
View memos and address book
URL tracking
Access to the list of installed applications
Block websites and apps
Block phone numbers from texting or calling
Undetectable / hidden Icon (It becomes undetectable from start of subscription)
24/7 Support

Get Undetectable Phone Spy App:

Children in adolescence are easy to be tempted, and parents must take care of them, this spy app is developed to protect children from infringement. Parents are advised to install this spy app on their children’s smartphones before their children reach adulthood. On one hand, it can prevent kids from being hurt by others, on another hand, it can also prevent children from colluding with criminals.

Life is not a spy movie, these are our kids and the first thing we recommend talking with them and explaining the dangers of the internet and why we, as parents, need to safeguard them.


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My friend recommended your software to me. I have a 16-year-old son who is always in trouble. Since I installed this software on his mobile phone, I learned about his difficulties in life and study. I made corresponding remedial measures. I'm pleased to say that he is now doing well.

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    Software intended for legal use only. The spyware designed for parental control. The customer of the spying app must have written consent from their kids. The spyware can be used for ethical controlling purposes only.

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