Working with Nikon Z8 videos in Premiere Pro CC/Vegas Pro

Edit Nikon Z8 NEV, MOV, MP4 files in Premiere Pro CC/Vegas Pro

Edit Nikon Z8 NEV, MOV, MP4 files in Premiere Pro CC/Vegas Pro

Equally capable for video, the Z8 matches the Z9's recording capabilities here, as well, with a variety of resolutions and frame rates available up to 8K. With options for 4K up tp 120p or 8K up to 60p - recording times are shorter than the Z9 is capable of, topping out at a nevertheless impressive 120 minutes of 4K 60p or 90 minutes of 8K 30p. If you can't load your Z8's videos into Premiere Pro CC or Vegas Pro for editing, this guide will be helpful.

In your daily life, especially for some filmmakers and video enthusiasts, you can access lots of different video files, and you may have trouble working Nikon Z8 footage in Premiere Pro CC, Vegas Pro and other editing software. In this article, we will outline the best workflow for importing Nikon Z8 recordings to PP CC and Vegas Pro.

Q: Needed to transfer Nikon Z8 4K videos for Premiere Pro CC/Vegas Pro editing

“Hello, I shoot with a Nikon Z8 camera. I’m attempting to batch transfer UHD 4K footage from Z8 to MPEG-2 for a fast and fluid workflow working with Premiere Pro CC. I want the .mp4 footage to stay the original quality as much as possible. Is there a way to do this? Thank you for any help.”

"So I am a neophyte editor and not very experienced with various codecs and their uses. I use Vegas Pr, and for a recent project I was given footage that came from Nikon Z8.

I figured out pretty quickly I needed the Vegas Pro Installer, downloaded that, and started to import. It took about 3 hours for import, and after 24 hours the "transcode and analysis" was at 18%, so I stopped it."

A: If Premiere Pro CC and Vegas Pro can't ingest your Nikon Z8 NEV, MOV and MP4 clips natively, you can convert your source material so that you can load and edit H.265 MP4 files in Final Cut Pro easily.

Well, as you know MOV, MP4 and NEV is a container format that means it can contain video, audio using H.265 codec, and which usually decide the video compatibility with NLE, Media Player, etc. No matter you have the rewrapping video files as the above user had, or other source media, to have a smooth workflow with Nikon Z8 video files in Premiere Pro CC and Vegas Pro, the best solution is to convert Nikon Z8 footage to Premiere Pro CC/Vegas Pro most compatible format/codec.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is the best and professional Nikon NEV, MOV, MP4 Converter software to help you convert Nikon Z8 H.265 file to Premiere Pro CC/Vegas Pro compatible video format with super high converting speed and perfect output quality. You can download this Nikon Video Converter and install it on your PC. After launching this program, it would pop up the following main interface.

Free Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate:

Guide: How to Nikon Z8 video for Premiere Pro CC/Vegas Pro

Step 1: Load video files

Run Nikon Z8 Video Converter and load H.265 clips to it by clicking "Add file" button. You can play the loaded video files with the preview window.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate - Best Video Converter for Nikon Z8

Step 2: Choose output format

You just need to go to "Editing Software -> Adobe Premiere /Vegas MPEG-2(*.mpg)" as the best video format for editing Nikon Z8 footage in Premiere Pro CC and Vegas Pro keeping good video quality.

Convert Nikon Z8 videos to Premiere Pro supported video format

Step 3. Edit the video

You can open the "Edit" window by clicking "Edit" icon, here you can adjust the video effect, trim the video length, crop video frame and add text/image watermark to the video.

Step 4: Start conversion

Start the Nikon Z8 video conversion for Premiere Pro CC and Vegas Pro by clicking the "Convert" button. Once the conversion is done, you can transfer the converted MPG footage into Premiere Pro CC and Vegas Pro for editing smoothly with ease.

Follow the guide below to achieve your goal smoothly. The guide uses Windows screenshots as example. The way to transcode Canon EOS R7 H.265 videos to DaVinci Resolve 18 in Mac is almost the same.

Users Reviews

My original file was an 4K MOV file. My purpose was to work on it with Premiere Pro CC in Windows 10. Used Acrok video converter Ultimate and transcoded the file to MPEG-2. Fast conversion speed and excellent video quality!
Rudie, Kenneth

This product is amazing. Very clear quality. Amazing customer Service. If you get confused or can't get it to work they will work with you and help you get it. $55.2 USD well spent on an amazing quality. Thank you for having an amazing product!
Nguyen, Trung

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