Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y USB Supported Audio/Music/Song Formats

Convert Blu-ray/DVD/CD/Audio for Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y

Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y USB Supported Audio/Music/Song Formats

You have many ways to listen to your favorite music in your Tesla Model 3, S, X or Model Y, from direct cable inputs to wireless transmissions. While it is possible to use a hard disk drive or even an SSD via a USB enclosure, USB flash drives are the way to go - both being small, fast, economical and easy to use.

Why my Model 3 can't read music from the USB flash drive? Why the Model S won't play M4A audio files? My Model X stereo won't play music from the USB device. How to organize music on usb for Model Y? Can i play music from a usb stick in my Model 3? If you have a similar problem, the following will be helpful.

In order to play music on a USB drive in Tesla, we need to do two things. One is to format your USB flash drive, and the other is to convert your audio or video files to an audio format supported by Tesla Model 3, S, X or Model Y.

Format an USB Fkash Drive

If your USB has been mounted successfully, USB icon should appear where you have the source selection - Radio, Spotify etc. Try rebooting screen if not found. And remember - FAT32.

How to Format a USB Drive on Windows?

FAT32 Format. Most flash drives, 32 GB and under, are pre-formatted for FAT32. Larger drives may be FAT32, exFAT or NTFS. Only drives that are formatted for FAT32 can be seen by our cars, so if it is in exFAT or NTFS, you'll need to reformat it.

1. Open File Explorer.
2. Click on This PC from the left pane.
3. Under the "Devices and drivers" section, right-click the flash drive and select the Format option.
4. Use the "File system" drop-down menu and select the NTFS option.
5. In the "Allocation unit size" drop-down menu use the default selection.
6. In the "Volume label" field, type a label to quickly identify the flash drive in File Explorer. For example, workFlash.
7. Under the "Format options" section, select the Quick format option.
8. Click the Start button.
9. Click the Yes button.

How to Format a USB Drive on Mac?

Open Finder, search for Disk Utility and select.  On the left pane, select your flash drive. Be absolutely sure you've selected your flash drive and not the hard disk!  Click Partition to identify the current format. If not "MS-DOS (FAT)", click Erase. Select MS-DOS (FAT) as the format. Note that Apple makes it a bit confusing as "MS-DOS (FAT)" is really Windows FAT32. Click on the lower "Erase…" button, and a confirmation dialog appears. Click the Erase button and the format should begin.

1. Insert a USB drive into your USB port.
2. macOS will recognize the drive and show its icon on the desktop.
3. Launch Disk Utility.
------- a> Select Search in the top-right corner.
------- b> type in "Disk Utility". Select the Disk Utility search result.
4. Select your USB drive from the list on the left.
5. Select Erase at the top.
6. Type in a Name for the drive, then select a Format.
7. Select MS-DOS (FAT).
8. Select Erase.
9. A progress bar will open. Wait will the drive is formatted.
10. Once complete, select Done.
11. Quit Disk Utility. Select the Disk Utility menu at the top, then Quit Disk Utility.

Convert audio/video to Tesla USB supported audio format

Tesla USB Audio/Music Formats


We recommend FLAC, as it is a lossless format, especially if you are ripping your existing CD library. Drive capacity is so cheap now it makes little sense to use lower-quality formats. Currently, very few download sites offer FLAC, so you may have to live with lower quality MP3 or AAC files for downloads. There are no problems with having a mix of FLAC, MP3 and AAC files on the same drive. If your Tesla Mode 3/S/X/Y can't read your music from Usb Flash Drive, Please convert your music to Tesla USB supported audio format.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is a free music converter for Tesla all mocdls. With this software, you can convert Blu-ray, DVD, CD, Video to Tesla supported music format, convert WAV, WMA, APE, M4A, AC3, MKA, OGG, MP2, MPA, AIFF, DTS, AU to Tesla supported MP3, AAC and FLAC formats. If you want to watch Blu-ray, DVD and downloaded MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV movies on on a tablet, you can use this best Blu-ray Ripepr to convert these video files to a common video format - H.264 MP4.

Click "Add file" > Click "Format" > Click "Common Audio" > Select "MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3)" > Click "Convert"

When the conversion is sone, click "Open" button to get the converted music, then trenafer the songs to your USB Flash Drive.

Convert audio format and video to Trsla usb music format

Free download Free Music Converter for Tesla

Free Download Acrok Video Converter UltimateFree Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

Tesla can't play iTunes music

The proprietary Apple Lossless format is not usable in the Tesla. Apple's proprietary M4P will not work in any player other than those made by Apple. Although protected songs purchased from the Apple Store can be played with a bluetooth connection to your iPhone, if you copy those songs to a USB flash drive, they cannot be play in the Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X and Model Y. Apple's less restrictive M4A format, more common nowadays, may work depending on the drive or you may get "Loading Error". This occurs when you use a non-supported format, such as Apple's proprietary M4A with digital rights management. You will need to convert these files to an open standard such as MP3 or FLAC.

Acrok M4VGO is the best choice for you to convert iTunes music for Tesla. With it, you can fast crack DRM protection from iTunes files and convert iTunes music to Tesla Model 3, S, X, Y supported formats. Just simple clicks, you'll get Tesla supported songs. For getting iTunes movies on Android, this software can remove DRM protection from purchased iTunes movies, and convert iTunes to your device playsble video format.

Click "Add file" > Click "Format" > Click "Common Audio" > Select "MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3)" > Click "Convert"

When the conversion is sone, click "Open" button to get the converted music, then trenafer the songs to your USB Flash Drive.

Convert iTunes music to MP3 for playing on Trsla Model 3, S, X, Y

Free download iTunes Music to Tesla Converter

Free Download M4VGO for WindowsFree Download M4VGO for Mac


Users Reviews

I'm a music lover and have a collection of vinyl records and CDs. Last week, I planned to transfer the music from the CD to the USB flash disk for playing in my Tesla Model 3, but I didn't achieve my goal. It wasn't until I tried acrok's software that I realized I wasted too much time and energy.
Nichols, Thomas

I find the interface of Acrok Video Converter Ultimate fairly intuitive which makes it's use easy for me and I will be using the files mostly for home videos to ensure they will play on my iPad Pro.
Goi, Michael

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