Edit Canon EOS R5 C MXF in Avid Media Composer without Plugin

How to load Canon EOS R5 C MXF to Avid Media Composer?

load Canon EOS R5 C MXF to Avid Media Composer

If you are looking for an option within Avid Media Composer Canon EOS R5 C MXF files can be imported by, you are at the right place. Being one of the robust and most efficient video editing tools, Media Composer has always been the good choice of professional video editors. However, Avid is pretty strict about its platform and the apps that macOS and Windows supports. Likewise, even the programs that run on computers have certain limitations as well, and Media Composer is one among them. That said, here you will learn how to import MXF into Media Composer with the least overhead.

Part 1. Does Avid Media Composer support MXF files?

Part 2. How to quickly import MXF to Avid Media Composer?

Part 3. How to convert Canon EOS R5 C MXF for Avid Media Coposer?

Part 1. Does Avid Media Composer support MXF files?

A brief answer to the question is, "No, Avid Media Composer cannot open all MXF files." To elaborate, if you have a video with the MXF extension, Avid Media Composer may not necessarily open the file and may refuse to do so. This makes perfect sense. The reason to this is explained below in detail:

MXF is a container format that comprises of audio and video files. When these media ingredients are packed in a MXF file using a Canon EOS R5 C, the architecture of the MXF file becomes unrecognizable for the computer you are trying to open the file on.

In such a case, you will notice that Avid Media Composer cannot open Canon EOS R5 C AVC-Intra/AVC-LongG/XF-AVC MXF whatsoever, and you are left with no option other than trying some workarounds to make the video editable in the program. Of course, you can install Canon RAW Plugin onto your PC to solve the problem. But this is not a universal solution.

Part 2. How to quickly import MXF to Avid Media Composer?

If your instance of Avid Media Composer cannot open Canon EOS R5 C MXF that has been brought to your computer from a different platform, you must convert the file to a recognizable format using any of the efficient conversion tools available in the market. One such program that is best known for more than 1,000 supported extensions and converting media files to almost any of the recognizable formats is Acrok Video Converter Ultimate.

It is a software that not only converts videos but also audio files and images to their relevant format. In addition to this, being around 30% faster than its competitors and available for both Mac and Windows platforms, Acrok Video Converter also has several built-in tools like video editor, BD ripper, etc. that make the program an all-in-one package and one-stop-shop for all your media-related tasks.

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Tip: This software can also solve the problem of "Avid Media Composer Not Recognize MP4 Files".

How to convert Canon EOS R5 C MXF for Avid Media Coposer?

With that robustness and efficiency in mind, listed below are the steps to teach you how to convert Canon EOS R5 C MXF footage to Media Composer format. Note: If Avid Media Composer cannot open MXF on Mac, you need to get Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac to convert the file to a recognizable format.


Load Canon EOS R5 C MXF file.

Launch this best MXF Converter on your computer running the latest version, click the "Add file" icon from the top of the interface, use the box that opens up to locate and select the MXF that Avid Media Composer refuses to open, and click Load from the bottom-right corner to import the file to the program.

Acrok  Video Converter Ultiamte  - Best MXF to Avid Media Composer Converter


Set output format.

Once you are back on the main window, click and open the Format bar: menu at the bottom left corner of the window, go to the Editing tab, select Avid DNxHD (*.mov) from the left pane. Here you can select 4K MP4 as output option too.

Convert MXF to DNxHD for Avid Media Composer

Convert 4K MXF to 4K MP4 for Avid Media Composer


Choose a destination folder and convert the file.

Use the Output field at the bottom of the main window to choose your preferred folder you want to save the output to.Then click the Convert button from the bottom-right corner of the window if you have imported multiple non-supported MXF files to Acrok Video Converter Ultimate to make them compatible with Avid Media Composer.

Once the conversion process is complete, you can go ahead and import Canon EOS R5 C MXF into Avid Media Composer with ease. You can notice how smoothly things went, and you are now able to edit the video in the app to make it look professional and share it with the target audience as needed.


It may not always be the case when Avid Media Composer would refuse to recognize and import a MXF, but when it does, it could be due to the source app or computer from a foreign platform that used a codec of different architecture to pack the audio and video data in the file.

In such a case, you can always rely on the products developed by Acrok, especially Acrok Video Converter Ultimate that is specifically designed and developed to convert an unsupported file to a recognizable format so you can easily import MXF into Avid Media Composer for editing and producing a professional-looking video.

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