How to watch Blu-ray disc, ISO and folder on Acer Swift 7?

Best free Blu-ray player software for Acer Swift 7

Hi, Admin. I got Acer Swift 7 last week, I transferred Blu-ray movies to this new laptop, bu't I can't play the files via media player at all. Can you share a free Blu-ray player with me? And I purchased many Blu-ray discs during the past few years, how to backup my favorite Blu-ray movies to my hard drive? - Debra Romanko

Best free Blu-ray player software for Acer Swift 7

The Acer Swift 7 was introduced at CES 2018 as the reigning "world's thinnest laptop," and this year the firm managed to beef up the laptop's display to 14 inches while maintaining the title. In fact - that we simply can't recommend in a sea of laptops that are far more powerful and not much thicker for the same price or less.

This laptop is also quite the looker, encased in an all-black, brushed unibody aluminum shell with two sturdy hinges holding the display in place. Thankfully, the keyboard on this year's model is backlit and feels fantastic to type on in spite of the incredibly shallow travel afforded to it. In order to achieve this landmark thinness in laptop design, Acer decided to completely remove the clicking function from the trackpad. This means that you can only tap to click as a means of interacting with the Windows 10 interface.

Do you want to enjoy Blu-ray discs or ISO Files with your Acer Swift 7? Do you want to play such Blu-ray movies with outstanding sound/picture quality on your Acer Swift 7? Follow this article, you will get the best way for playing/watch Blu-ray discs or Blu-ray ISO Files on Acer Swift 7 smoothly.

In order to watch Blu-ray discs or BD ISO on Acer Swift 7, you must have three things:
1) A Blu-ray disc drive
2) A Blu-ray movie
3) Blu-ray Player Software(Need decrypting Blu-ray function)

The free player like Windows Media Player, VLC Player, etc don't have Blu-ray decrypting function and not support playing Blu-ray movies. So this Blu-ray Player for Acer Swift 7 from Acrok will be the best solution for you, which can help users enjoy any Blu-ray movie (Retail BD disc included) released in different regions and dates with outstanding and perfect video quality at home, it can not only play Blu-ray Disc, but also support Blu-ray folder and ISO image files. This free Blu-ray Player is also capable of playing popular video files. Users can enjoy any formats on your PC or laotop.

Free download Acer Swift 7 Blu-ray Player

How to play Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray ISO or Blu-ray folder on Acer Swift 7?


Connect the Blu-ray driver

Connect the Blu-ray driver to your laptop via a USB connection.


Install Blu-ray Player

Free Download the free Blu-ray Player software for Acer Swift 7 and then install it. Insert your Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray driver. Next, open your Blu-ray movie by just pressing the "Load Disc" in the main interface to select Blu-ray drive and then click "OK" button to load the Blu-ray directly. You can now enjoy your Blu-ray movies on Asus laptop.

Blu-ray to MP4 Converter-convert Blu-ray to H.264 MP4 on Windows and Mac


Start playing

Start playing the Blu-ray movie on Acer Swift 7. Double click the preview window and you can watch the movie in full screen. If you want to stop playing the Blu-ray disc, you only need click Stop Button and eject the Blu-ray movie.

Play Blu-ray files on Acer Swift 7

How to back up Blu-ray disc movies to Acer Swift 7?


Add Blu-ray disc

Insert your Blu-ray disc to your Blu-ray drive, and launch the best Blu-ray Ripper; click the disc button to import your Blu-ray movies to the program.


Choose output option

Click "Format" bar, choose "Disc Copy" > "Directly Copy Directly Copy-(Only for Blu-ray/DVD)" from the Format menu and then specify a folder to save the M2TS files from Blu-ray disc.

Backup Blu-ray movies on Mac and Windows


Start backing up files

Hit "Convert" button to start copying M2TS streams from your Blu-ray Disc to hard drive.

How to rip Blu-ray movies to Acer Swift 7 media player playable format?


Import Blu-ray movies

Load your disc to the Blu-ray drive room, and launch the Top Blu-ray Ripper; click the "Load disc" button to import your Blu-ray movies to the program.


Specify output format

To create the best-quality video with the smallest file size, use the H.264 video encoder. As has been stated above, Acer Swift 7 supports MP4 playback. So you can just select "Common Video" > "H.264 Video(*.mp4)" as the output video format.

Convert Blu-ray to H.264 MP4 for playing


Start ripping Blu-ray

After the above two steps, go back to the main interface and click the "Convert" button to begin converting/compressing Blu-ray movies to Acer Swift 7 highly compatible MP4 video files. When the conversion is done, click "Open" button to locate the ripped videos and upload them to Acer Swift 7 with ease!

Users Reviews

So fast at converting and no quality lost from what I can see. Fast conversion of all my new Blu-ray disc home movies to mov format for easy playing on my iPad Pro. This program is the best software buy i've made for my mac. I like it very much.
Eric Hopp

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