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Simplp ways to play Blu-ray discs freely

Make Blu-ray Player Region Free

Q: Why can't my LG Blu-ray player play the disc I brought back from the United States? The machine is new and the disc is new too. How to make LG Blu-ray player region free?

A: What I want to tell you is that the Blu-ray disc cannot be played at will. Regional restrictions are the common reasons why the Blu-ray disc cannot be played. To enable your Blu-ray movies playable from other countries or regions, you can make your Blu-ray player region free. But how? Now listen up, please!

How to make your Blu-ray player region free? A Blu-ray region code has a restriction on playing Blu-ray disc in a corresponding Blu-ray player as the codes on discs and players vary around the world. For example, if you travel in the US and bring back an original Blu-ray to Europe, the region codes won't match with your Blu-ray player and "Wrong Region" message will be shown on your machine.

No worries, the good news is that you can watch your region-locked Blu-rays in different areas - one of the best ways is to unlock your Blu-ray player region code. It’s not too difficult for the beginners. So let's take a look at instructions for the unlocking process.


1. Blu-ray Region Codes Explained

2. How Remove Regional Lock on your Blu-ray Player Free

3. Other Options to Unlock Regional Blu-rays

Part 1: Blu-ray Region Codes Explained

First, we should know more about the Blu-ray region codes. Blu-ray Disc have region codes, but unlike DVD players, the region codes for Blu-ray Disc media use letters instead of numbers to indicate a particular zone or region where the discs can be played.

The Blu-ray Disc region codes are as follows:

  1. Region A: North America, South America, U.S. Territories, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia

  2. Region B: Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.

  3. Region C: Asia (except for Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and other areas of Southeast Asia)

  4. Region FREE: This is not an official setting, but discs that have the region FREE symbol either have no flag set or have all region flags (A, B & C) set.

NOTE: The region codes for commercial Blu-ray Disc movies can be found on the back of the Blu-ray Disc case.

The following is a color-coded region map for Blu-rays:

Blu-ray Region Code Remover

Part 2: How Remove Regional Lock on your Blu-ray Player Free

Next, the following unlocking guide will show you how to make your Blu-ray player region free. You can scour the VideoHelp site and choose a model from its massive database, then the Blu-ray region code can be easily hacked. There are 2 different hacking methods for making your Blu-Ray player region free:

Method 1: Blu-ray region code remover

  1. 1. Works with most Blu-Ray players

  2. 2. Power ON the Blu-ray player with no disc

  3. 3. Wait for the “No Disc” message to show

  4. 4. Press PAUSE on the remote control

  5. 5. Enter 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9 on the remote control (CODE or FF appears on the TV)

  6. 6. Enter 0 on the Remote (0 = All Regions)

  7. 7. Press PAUSE on the remote control

  8. 8. Power the Blu-ray player OFF (wait 30 seconds)

  9. 9. Power Blu-ray player back on

  10. 10. Blu-ray will now be region free

  11. 11. (If this code does not work, once the player has displayed the “No Disc” message, press STOP before entering the code)

Method 2: Make LG, Sony, Samsung, panasonic Blu-ray player region free

  1. 1. (Works with most LG Blu-ray players and other players)

  2. 2. Turn Blu-ray player ON without a disc in the tray

  3. 3. “No Disc” should appear on the screen

  4. 4. Press “Pause” using the remote control

  5. 5. On the remote control press 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9

  6. 6. The screen will now show a prompt for a new code

  7. 7. Press “0” for universal code

  8. 8. Press “Pause” again

  9. 9. “No Disc” should appear on the screen

  10. 10. Blu-ray will now be region free

Part 3: Other Options to Unlock Regional Blu-rays

Although the region-code unlock instructions provided above for the majority of Blu-ray player brands, to avoid resetting your Blu-ray player and being limited by region codes, we should explore more options to bypass Blu-ray region codes. The best option that you have is to buy a multi-region Blu-ray player, but that is not always possible. The next best option is ripping and copying regional Blu-rays with your PC and free from worrying about the wrong region issues on Blu-ray player.

There are plenty of programs out there that allow you to rip or copy a Blu-ray to your computer and then convert it to a format that your Blu-ray player can read. Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best programs to make all Blu-rays region free. It is capable of removing the region-code that is stored on the Blu-rays, making your copy region-free. It's the best Blu-ray region code remover software. Let your Blu ray Disc completely liberate now.

Free download and try best Blu-ray ripping and converting software

The ripping process is quite simple:


Load Blu-ray Movies

Insert a region A/B/C Blu-ray into your Blu-ray-ROM, launch the program and click "Load Disc" button to import the file you want to convert.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate - Best 4K Blu-ray ripping software


Set Output Format

Click "Format" button to choose an output format. You can convert the region code Blu-ray to 1000+ built-in video formats according to your needs. Such as you can convert Blu-ray to iPad supported video format, rip Blu-ray to Galaxy S series phones playable format, compress Blu-ray to H.265 MP4, etc.

Compress 4K Blu-ray to 1080P MP4


Change The Destination Path

Click "Output" option to change the destination path to an easy-to-find folder on your computer.


Start Blu-ray Conversion

Hit "Convert" button and start to convert the region code Blu-ray. After ripping is completed, the Blu-ray video is totally region free and you can play it on your Blu-ray player without anxiety.

Besides removing region codes on Blu-rays, Acrok Blu-ray Ripper Software can also rip DRM protected or Blu-rays. In addition, This program provides editing capability, more utility functions and an impressively simple design.


In this article, we discussed Blu-ray region codes and how to make it free on Blu-ray players or computers. No denying that Blu-ray region codes have somewhat benefit to protect copyright. But when you get movie Blu-rays from any country and region, playability is quite another. Luckily, Blu-ray players can be hackable. And if you are looking for the most effective solution for unlocking any regional Blu-rays without restrictions, you can try Acrok Video Converter Ultimate. The versatility, ripping process and output quality produced by this Blu-ray copy program are very om full/main title to a single MKV, as a similar quality-lossless option. The 5.1 Channel AC3/DTS Dolby audio can be reserved.

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