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Play music in Ford Car and SUV via USB flash drive


Why I can't play FLAC and M4A in Ford Maverick with USB disk? I downloaded 100 popular music, mostly in FLAC format, and the rest in M4A format, but my the media player can't read these songs. How to solve this problem?

Last month, I bought Ford Explorer. Although I am an old driver, I have no knowledge of multimedia. Who can tell me why some music can be played and some just skip over?

Ford F-150 can't play MP3 audio files. Why can some music be played and some cannot be played? Their formats are the same.

I can't play MP3 and WMA music on ford sync by using flash memory disk. My car is Mustang Mach-E electric 2023. Should I replace the USB drive?

Ford Sync is a factory-installed, integrated in-vehicle communications and entertainment system that allows users to make hands-free telephone calls, control music and perform other functions with the use of voice commands. What's the best way to play music in the Ford car? You can play music from a mobile through the Ford Sync Bluetooth, or enjoy your favorite songs through USB flash drive. Undoubtedly, listening to music in the car on a USB flash drive is the most appropriate. Ford Sync USB audio not working? Just keep reading, this article will be useful.


How to Listen to Music in a Car From a USB Flash Drive
What format does Ford Sync USB support?
Ford Sync audio not working, why?
Free Audio Converter for Ford Sync
How to covnert audio to Ford Sync USB supported format?
How to format USB Sticks for Ford Sync?

How to Listen to Music in a Car From a USB Flash Drive

Having a USB port in your car allows you to charge your devices without an adapter, and you can even plug in a USB flash drive for music if you like. If your vehicle has a USB port, using that is the best way to play audio to your car's stereo.


Just insert a USB stick in the USB port (for example) and choose it as playback source on your audio system’s menu. You will see the file structure of your USB stick on the display.

1. Selecting the USB Device

USB - Track Title IconPress the button to display the menu.

Repeatedly press the button to scroll to your USB device.

Press the OK button.

2. Playing from the USB Device

Play and PausePress the button to play a track. Press the button again to pause the track.

Skip And Seek NextPress the button to skip to the next track. Press and hold the button to fast forward through the track.

Skip And Seek Previous Icon Press the button once to return to the beginning of a track. Repeatedly press the button to return to previous tracks. Press and hold the button to fast rewind.

What format does Ford Sync USB support?

You can access and play music from your digital music player over your vehicle's speaker system using the system's media menu or voice commands.

Note: The system is capable of indexing up to 15,000 songs.

SYNC is capable of hosting nearly any digital media player including: iPod, Zune, plays from device players, and most USB drives. SYNC also supports audio formats, such as MP3, WMA, WAV and ACC.

Confirm that the USB device has been formatted correctly and has the following specifications:

USB 2.0.
File format must be FAT16/32.

The format of the audio files on the USB device must be:

- MP3.
- Non DRM protected WMA.
- WAV.
- AAC.

Ford Sync audio not working, why?

Connecting a USB flash drive to a head unit USB port is literally a plug and play type of situation. There's a chance that you could simply dump some music onto your drive, hook it up, and have everything work. If everything doesn't work right out of the box, then there are a handful of compatibility issues to check out.

Playback of a USB device is initiated with the voice command "USB" or by using the menu/screen of the Sync system.

The first thing to look at is a file format, which refers to the way that your music files are encoded. Common digital music file formats include the ubiquitous MP3, Apple's AAC, and open-source OGG, but there are much more. There are even high-resolution audio formats like FLAC and ALAC, although there is a limit to how many of these large files you can take with you on the road.

If your digital music files are encoded in a format that Ford Sync USB doesn't recognize, then it won't play them. For playing all audio/music/song with SYNC, you need to convert these files to Ford SYNC supported auiod format.

Free Audio Converter for Ford Sync

Audio file converter software will always come in handy when it comes to an unsupported music file. It is also helpful when you wish to downsize a bunch of large music files to save device storage. The best Free Audio Converter - Acrok Audio Converter Ultimate converts music files between 50+ audio file formats. Convert MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, FLAC. Extract audio from video, DVD, Blu-ray. Completely free. No limitations, no sign-up. And there are customizable settings that let you adjust audio bitrate, channel, sample rate, and volume freely. No complex interface and buttons, this music conversion software is easy for all. If you are Mac user, please try Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

Free download and try any audio to Ford Sync converter

Supported Models:

Track & Vans:2023 MAVERICK, 2023 RANGER, 2023 F-150, 2023 TRANSIT CONNECT, 2023 TRANSIT, 2023 F-150 LIGHTNING, 2023 ESCAPE HYBRID, 2023 ESCAPE PLUGIN HYBRID, 2023 EXPLORER HYBRID, etc.
Commercial Vehicles: 2023TRANSIT CONNECT, 2023 TRANSIT CC-CA, 2023 TRANSIT, 2023 SUPER DUTY, 2023 CHASSIS CAB, 2023 E-TRANSIT, etc.
Cars: Mondeo, Focus, Escort, Taurus, etc.
Others: Ford GT, Ford GT MK II, Mustang Mach 1, Bronco Raptor, Fusion, etc.

Supported Formats (Input):


Video: Blu-ray file, DVD file, AVI, MKV, MP4, MOV, M4V, DivX, MPG, MPEG, VOB, WMV, MXF, FLV, F4V, ASF, XAVC MXF, XAVC MP4, XAVC-S MP4, TiVo, DVR-MS, DAT, DV, MOD, TOD, M4B, MVI, EVO, M2V, MTS/M2TS/TS/TP/TRP (AVCHD H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2 HD), RM, RMVB, WTV, 3GP, 3G2

How to covnert audio to Ford Sync USB supported format?

1. Install and run Acrok Video Converter Ultimate as the best free audio converter on your computer. Click "Add file" icon to load your audio or video files. For covnerting CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc to Ford SYNC USB supported format, the BD drive is essential.

Free audio converter, convert audio freely

2. MP3 is the most common audio format in daily life, which is supported by Ford Electric Vehicles, SUVs, Crossovers, Trucks, Vans and Cars. So if you plan to enjoy your favorite music in your car with an USB Flash Drive, you need to convert your audio or video to MP3 format. Click "Format" bar then select "MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio (*.mp3)" under "Common Audio" category.

Convert audio format and video to MP3 format

3. Click Convert button, the audio/video to MP3 conversion process will begin automatically. When the conversion is finished, please click "Open" button to locate the converted files.

4. Copy and transfer the covnerted songs to your USB flash drive. You can enjoy all the music in your car freely.

Note: Another primary issue with successfully connecting a USB drive to a head unit is the way that the drive is formatted. For instance, if the head unit is looking for a FAT32 file system and your USB stick is NTFS, then you'll have to reformat the drive, put the music files back on, and then try again.

How to format USB drive for Ford Sync?

There are several causes for this problem if you have connected an Android or iOS cell phone but if you have connected just a simple memory stick your issue is likely caused by a simple issue with formatting. Most memory sticks are quick large and so often they are formatted with NTFS. Ford Sync does not support

1. Insert the USB memory stick into your PC
2. Open COMPUTER (formerly My Computer)
3. Right click on the stick and select FORMAT
4. Change the FILE SYSTEM drop down from NTFS or exFAT to FAT32

Now you can copy you still music onto that USB memory stick and when you plug it into your Ford Sync car or truck, it will be recognized.

NTFS has many advantages over FAT32, but Ford Sync does not support it. so just use a FAT32 formatted stick and be happy!


Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is a smart tool to convert audio and video to Ford Sync USB compatible music format. With this program, you can get a audio that meets the format and codec requirements. After having read the whole text, whether the solution I’ve offered could make you itch to have a go? I’m eager to hear your opinions.

Get Free Audio Converter for Ford Sync

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