Load MOV files from Fujifilm X-H2S to Premiere Pro/DaVinci Resolve

Import and edit Fujifilm X-H2S MOV in Premiere Pro/DaVinci Resolve

Import and edit Fujifilm X-H2S MOV in Premiere Pro/DaVinci Resolve

What's the best Fujifilm X-H2S MOV to Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve editing workflow? How can I edit Fujifilm X-H2S 6.2K ProRe files in Premiere Pro CC smoothly? If you are looking for the best method to load and edit Fujifilm X-H2S 6.2K and 4K MOV files with Premiere Pro/DaVinci Resolve, you’d better follow this article, you will know the best way to edit MOV videos with Premiere Pro/DaVinci Resolve on Windows or Mac computer, and you will learn the way to convert H.265/ProRes videos to MPEG-2, and then you can edit Fujifilm X-H2S footage in Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS5 smoothly; convert H.265 to H.264, ProRes or DNxHD for DaVinci Resolve 18, 17, 16, etc.

Fujifilm X-H2S is a 26-megapixel mirrorless camera produced by Fujifilm. The X-H2S, which will be positioned as more similar to a pro DSLR than anything else in the X-series, is the company's latest high-speed flagship model. Powerful video features make X-H2S a go-to device – both for hybrid image makers and dedicated motion professionals. Up to 90 minutes of footage can be internally recorded with a single battery, at a wide range of resolutions and frame rates up to 6.2K/30P in Open Gate 3:2, 4K/120P, and Full HD/240P. X-H2S supports Apple ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422, and ProRes 422 LT. ProRes 422 Proxy is also avaialble when recording ProRes, which can assist in streamlining post-production workflows.

Can Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve edit Fujifilm X-H2S MOV videos?

"Hello, I like shooting videos outside, not long ago I bought a Fujifilm X-H2S to record 6.2K H.265 videos for my customers, today I copied the recorded files from camera to computer and I would like to edit MOV videos with Premiere Pro, but when I load the footages into the editing program, the software can’t deal with Fujifilm X-H2S 6.2 videos smoothly, I checked the videos and found they are in H.265 codec, are Fujifilm X-H2S H.265 videos not supported by Premiere Pro directly? Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks!"

"I can load the Fujifilm X-H2S ProRes MOV files into DaVinci Resolve 18 for editing on Winows 10, but it can't read the 6.2K H.265 files, why? How can I finish my editing task as soon as possible?"

On Fujifilm camera related forums many users have reported that their Fujifilm X-H2S H.265 files are not supported by Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve natively, they always get errors when they try to edit Fujifilm X-H2S MOV videos with Premiere Pro/DaVinci Resolve directly. You may wonder the main reason that caused the loading and editing issue, and Fujifilm users want a solution for this. From Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve official website you will know that Premiere Pro Pro only supports limited video formats, such as native supported H.264, MPEG-2 formats, and the recorded format of Fujifilm X-H2S is not compatible format for Premiere Pro, the main reason that caused the Fujifilm X-H2S to Premiere Pro importing and editing issue is the video format and codec, if you want to edit Fujifilm X-H2S H.265 and ProRes videos in Premeire Pro smoothly, you will need to convert unsupported Fujifilm X-H2S files to Premeire Pro native supported format, and then you can edit Fujifilm X-H2S MOV files with Premiere Pro CC/CS6/CS5 smoothly.

For DaVinci Resolve users, you can use the same way to solve all you problems. Just transcoding Fujifilm X-H2S H.265 MOV to ProRes MOV, H.264 MOV or DNxHD MOV.

Fujifilm X-H2S Video Converter

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is the top Fujifilm video converter on the market, it is able to convert Fujifilm X-H2S H.265 and ProRes recordings to any video formats you need, such as convert 6.2K H.265/ProRes videos from Fujifilm X-H2S to Premiere Pro supported format, convert 6.2K H.265 to DaVinci Resolve best editing codec, there are rich optimized formats that you can choose for output, with this Fujifilm video converter you don't need to worry about any video playing or editing issue.

This Fujifilm video converter also has powerful video editing functions, such as trim Fujifilm X-H2S video, crop Fujifilm X-H2S video, adjust effect to the Fujifilm X-H2S footage, or extract/add/remove audio from Fujifilm X-H2S video, add watermark to the Fujifilm X-H2S video, etc. now please try this Fujifilm X-H2S video converter via the download link below, we have prepared the easy steps below, you can follow them to convert MOV videos to Premiere Pro/DaVinci Resolve supported format in few clicks.

Free download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate - Best Fujifilm X-H2S Video Converer

Convert Fujifilm X-H2S MOV vides for Premiere Pro/DaVinci Resolve


Load MOV video files

Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate, install this MOV to Premiere Pro Converter / MOV to DaVinci Resolve Converter on your computer, launch it you will see the brief main interface. This software also has corresponding Mac version, which will help you to convert Fujifilm X-H2Svideos or any HD videos on Mac computers.

Run this Fujifilm video converter, click add files button to import the Fujifilm X-H2S videos that you want to convert, you can add batch files at one time, batch loading and converting is supported by this converter.

Best video converter for Fujifilm X-H2S


Select output format

Choose Premiere Pro supported video format for output. To edit Fujifilm X-H2S H.265 and ProRes files with Premiere Pro in supported format, just choose “Editing Software -> Premeire Pro MPEG-2(*.mpg)”, you can also choose other formats according to your need.

Convert Fujifilm X-H2S MOV for editing in Premiere Pro

For DaVinci Resolve users, you need to select Apple ProRes 422 MOV, DNxHD MOV or H.264 MP4 as output format.

Convert Fujifilm X-H2S OV for editing in DaVinci Resolve

Tip: Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is highly recommended to you which is designed to deal with MOV videos for editing in NLEs with optimized codecs including DNxHD for Avid Media Composer, Apple ProRes for Fianl Cut Pro, AIC for iMovie and more.


Start video conversion

Click convert button on the main interface of the video converter, Acrok program will start the Fujifilm X-H2S to Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve supported video conversion immediately.

When the conversion is done, please click "Open" button to locate the converted video files, then load the videos into Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve for soothly editing.

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