Edit Canon EOS R5 H.265 in DaVinci Resolve 17/16/15

Canon EOS R5 8K/4K H.265 to DaVinci Resolve workflow

Canon EOS R5 8K/4K H.265 to DaVinci Resolve workflow

Can the DaVinci Resolve 17 supports Canon EOS R5 4K H.265/HEVC importing? Why I can't preview the loaded .mxf files? I really don't want to spend too much time on rendering videos. Please help me solve this problem.

The EOS R5 can capture fast moving subjects in high speed burst. At up to 12fps with mechanical shutter and up to 20fps with silent shutter, the EOS R5 can capture the split-second details between a subject’s movement. Benefitting more than just stills, the 45MP full-frame sensor also enables impressively high-resolution DCI 8K 30 fps raw video recording internally along with 4K recording up to 120 fps in 4:2:2 10-bit with Canon Log. As Blackmagic claimed, DaVinci Resolve has nailed the ingest of H.265/HEVC. However, the complicated Canon EOS R5 8K did not work with DaVinci Resolve 17 and it's older version. If you wanan import Canon EOS R5 H.265/HEVC footage to DaVinci Resolve with flawless workflow, you need to transcode H.265 videos to an editable format, like H.264, Apple ProRes, DNxHD.

To achieve the goal, a professional H.265 to DaVinci Resolve Converter is needed. Overall, Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice for you. It allows users to prepare H.265/HEVC videos to be standard compatible for any editing software effortlessly. It can help you transcode Canon EOS R5 H.265 to DaVinci Resolve editable format with several simple steps. Just do some clicks on your mouse with your finger, you can easily encode H.265 to H.264, transcode H.265 files to ProRes, convert H.265 to DNxHD and then import Canon EOS R5 8K and 4K footage into DaVinci Resolve 17, 16, 15 for editing smoothly. Besides, it allows you to do some premiere editing work on before transcoding like cropping, trimming, adding watermark, etc. Now download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate and follow below steps to convert Canon EOS R5 footage video. If you are Mac user, you can try Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

Free doanload Acrok Video Converter Ultimate

How to convert Canon EOS R6 H.265 for editing in DaVinci Resolve?


Install and run H.265 Video Converter

Download this program on your computer. Install and run this 8K Video Converter Converter on your PC. Drag and drop the 8K or 4K H.265 files from Canon EOS R5 to this top H.265 Video Converter to do H.265 to H.264, DNxHD or ProRes codec conversion.

Canon EOS R5 DaVinci Resolve 17/16/15


Choose output format

Select a proper format from the drop-down list of "Format" bar. To make Canon EOS R5 H.265 recording be compatible with DaVinci Resolve, you're advised to select "4K >>4K MP4 Video (*.mp4). If you like, you can choose ProRes MOV and DNxHD MOV as output Wformat.

Convert 4K H.265 to 4K H.264 for DaVinci Resolve

Tip 1: For editing Canon EOS R5 H.265 footage in Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro, you are suggested to select "Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas WMV (VC-1) (*.wmv)" under "Editing Software" catalog.

Tip 2: You can edit Canon EOS R5 footage before conversion, click the "Edit" icon to open the video editor window. And then you can trim the video, crop video size, deinterlace, add some special video effects, add watermarks, attatch subtitles and more.


Satrt video conversion

Click "Convert" to start encoding Canon EOS R5 H.265 footage to DaVinci Reaolve native editing video. When conversion completes you can find converted video by clicking "Open" button. Now you can edit Canon EOS R5 8K and 4K recordings in DaVinci Resolve 17/16/15 instantly.

Users Reviews

I have no complaints with the software, it's working great. I purchased the software because the Canon camera I have is an 4K and the video format is MP4. There is no free software that comes with the camera that allows you to save the file in a format that others can view. I am now able to save it into a different format that I can pull into DaVinci Resolve to create great family movies. "
Ali Durrani

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