How to play MKV videos on Hisense Android TV

Beat Guide to Play MKV Files on Hisense Android TV

Watch MKV movies on Hisense Android TV

Came upon issues playing MKV files on Hisense Android TV through USB drive? No worry, this post is ready to help. It guides you through the process of converting MKV video to MP4 format for watching on Hisense Android TV via USB connection.

How to play MKV files from a USB drive to my Hisense Android TV?
“Hi, guys, I am looking for the best way to view MKV files from an USB drive to my Android TV. I have a Hisense U8H - 65U8H TV which supports playing video files through USB drive. Most of my movies are in MKV format on my external hard drive. So I plugged the external hard drive into the Android TV and tried to play them directly. The thing is that some of the MKV movies are playable on my Hisense Android TV, but others are not. How can I make all of them playable? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.”

MKV file has many different types. Just because it says it's an mkv on the PC doesn't mean they are the same. It is a wrapper format, meaning it doesn't actually specify how you encode the video and audio into digital forms. If your TV doesn't have the necessarily codecs for the particular avi file, it won't play it. In that case, we would recommend converting MKV to the widely-accepted MP4 format first. Here's a quick guide telling you how to do this.

How to convert MKV to Hisense Android playable format for playing via USB connection?

Do you have MKV files that have failed to play on your Hisense Android TV? Well in this article we will show how to solve that. MKV files are a video format that contains video and audio data. So when you play it on your Hisense Android TV the audio codec may not be supported. What you need to do is to convert the MKV file to other formats using a Video converter like Acrok Video Converter Ultimate (For Windows | For Mac).

Although there are many video converters available no software is as good as Acrok Video Converter Ultimate. This program not only converts videos but it also converts audios. It is well built to support the conversion of different file formats in a batch. It can also convert media files from Blu-rays, DVDs to any format that you want. This then makes it a reliable program that you can use to backup media data on discs.


Load your MKV movies

Install and run the best MKV to Android TV Converter. Click "Add File" icon to import MKV source media.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate - Convert video to Hisense Android TV supported video format


Select MP4 as output format

From "Format" list, choose "H.264 Video (.mp4)" as target format from "Common Video" column.

Hisense Android TV video format

Tip 1: Set advanced settings
If necessary, you can click "Settings" button and go to "Profiles Settings" panel to modify video and audio settings like video encoder, resolution, video bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio encoder, sample rate, audio bit rate, and audio channels.

Tip 2: Edit MKV Video

Select the video you plan to edit then click "Edit" icon to ectivate editing function. You can trim, crop the MKV video, and you can add 3D effects onto the loaded MKV files.


Start covnerting MKV for Hisense Android TV playback

When ready, click "Convert" button to start conversion. As soon as the conversion is complete, you can click "Open" button to get the generated MP4 files easily. Transfer the converted videos to your flash drive, your Hisense Android TV can ead and play the movies smoontly now.

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Great product, amazing software, fast compression coupled with excellent first class customer service. What more could you ask for. Fast compression at any format with a vast library of devices coupled in one neat package that you'll never say you wasted your money.
Fox, Terry

I was truly thankful to find this MKV video converter. I had a very large numbers of MKV movies and want to play on my Hisense Android TV. Acrok did the job! Rip all my MKV to the best playback format for more fun and did not compromise the quality of the movie. Love IT!
Wales, Whit

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