Sony a7CR MP4 Final Cut Pro - Edit Sony a7CR MP4 in Final Cut Pro

Sony a7CR MP4 to Final Cut Pro Workflow

Sony a7CR MP4 to Final Cut Pro Workflow

"I am using Final Cut Pro. The Sony a7CR I record with records in 4K .mp4 which Final Cut Pro doesn't recognize nor does compressor. I want to know what to convert the .mov file to make it compatible with Final Cut Pro but to also avoid ruining the quality of the video image. Any suggestions?"

"I've been given lots of 4K XAVC HS MP4 files to edit. I realise I need to convert these files before I can import them into Final Cut Pro. The question is what compression should I use? XAVC S, H.265, the list is endless. The end result will be exported for the web. If it helps, the footage was recorded on a Sony a7CR."

Have shot some remarkable great video with your newly purchased Sony a7CR camera, however, when you try to direct load the 4K XAVC S, XAVC HS, and H.265 footage to Final Cut Pro, you may find that the video looks extremely washed out and also lots of stair-casing and artifacting on the lines. Perhaps there must be a step you are missing or you're not using the properly codec or resolution. The following article will show you how to get a high quality and high performance workflow of Sony a7CR MP4 video with Final Cut Pro.

Work Sony a7CR MP4 video with Final Cut Pro

In our previous article, we have talked about editing MP4 video with Final Cut Pro. In this article, we shared the information that currently, the previous version of Final Cut Pro including Final Cut Pro X can only load MP4 footage but can’t currently edit XAVC HS, XAVC S-I and H.265 footage at 4K. While the best 4K video editing codec is Apple ProRes, in addition, the system requirements for 4K video editing with Final Cut Pro is very high, it's very likely that your computer will lack the power to handle 4K resolution video. Therefore, it would be much ideal for you to compress Sony a7CR 4K to 1080p in smaller file resolution for smooth editing workflow on underpowered computer. If your computer hardware is powerful enough, you can skip the compression process.

Native import Sony a7CR video to Final Cut Pro

Although the MP4 video shot with Sony a7CR is included in Final Cut Pro supported file formats. However, for those people who wish to get the best video editing workflow of Sony a7CR with Final Cut Pro, we highly recommend you to using the ProRes codec, which can help to create mastering-quality media at dramatically reduced file sizes, shattering the barriers to real-time productivity.


To get a high quality and high performance editing workflow of Sony a7CR 4K with Final Cut Pro, it would be much ideal for you to transcode Sony a7CR footage to Final Cut Pro best favorable Apple ProRes 422 codec. Here, you can get the job easily completed by downloading Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

The application has perfect importing support for the MP4 video shot with Sony a7CR. Thanks to its batch conversion mode, you can load multiple Sony a7CR 4K video into the application. The biggest merits of this application lies in that it allows you to direct export Final Cut Pro specially optimized editing codec "Apple ProRes (*.mov)" under "Final Cut Pro" main category.

Edit Sony a7CR 4K video with built-in editing options

Before loading the Mavic Pro Platinum 4K into Avid, you can first complete some basic video editing work with the built-in video editing features offered by the application. You can trim or cut video to remove unwanted parts or segments, crop video to get off the black edges or unwanted size area, add video/image/ transparent text watermark, apply special rendering effect, insert external srt/ass/ssa subtitle to video, etc.

For Windows users, you can go to download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate  to do the same conversion on Windows.

Step by Step to Transcode Sony a7CR 4K for Final Cut Pro Editing

1: Open the program, click "File" menu, from its drop-down option, select "Add Video/Audio" to load Sony a7CR 4K H.264 MP4/MOV Video to the program.

Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac - Best video covnerter for converting any videos to ProRes codec on Mac

2. Clicking the Format bar, from its drop-down list, click "Final Cut Pro" then select "Apple ProRes (*.mov)".

Convert video to ProRes 422 MOV or ProRes 4444 MOV for FCP X

Tips: Click "Settings" on the main interface to open "Profile Settings" window, from "Resolution (pix)" drop-down list.

3: On the top tool bar on the main interface, click the pencial like icon to open "Video Editor" window, you can trim Sony a7CR 4K MP4 video to remove the unwanted parts by setting the start and end time, crop to remove the black borders or unwanted area by dragging the dash line around the video frame, flip video, add text/image/video watermark, change video picture effect, replace/remove audio in video, add external subtitles, etc.

4. After all setting is completed, hit the "Convert" button at the right bottom of the main interface to begin the conversion and compression process from Sony a7CR XAVC HS, XAVC I and H.265  to Apple ProRes codec.

When the conversion is finished, click "Open" button on the main interface to open the folder with generated files. Then you can get a smooth workflow of Sony a7CR MP4 files with Final Cut Pro.

Users Reviews

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This is a personal review of Acrok’s Video Converter Ultimate, as I feel that this is one package worth posting a review of. For anyone looking for an all in one solution to Copy, Rip and Convert video and audio files, then look no further than Acrok’s Video Converter Ultimate.
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